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China Standard Planetary Slewing Gear Gearbox Replacement of Zollern ZHP3.13 ZHP3.15 ZHP3.19 ZHP3.20 ZHP3.22 ZHP3.24 ZHP3.25 with Good quality

Features of Slewing Gear

Slewing gearbox is mainly used for turning gear ring and large-diameter wear-resistant slewing bearing. For example, cranes have been proved to be under the worst application conditions. The rotary gearbox is based on a modular design and has a larger delivery range (motor, coupling, brake). In each application, the pinion rotary ring tooth pairing is checked, and the tooth shape of the pinion is optimized to ensure a long service .life
The advantage is

  • compact size
  •  long service life
  •  modular design of gear unit
  • easy to maintain
  •  high performance
  •  functional design

With these features, machine designers will Be ready to install the device and realize economic benefits.
Solutions can be found even in confined space conditions.

Modular Gear design of Slewing Gear

Input designs bevel gear hydraulic electric free shaft
Design of planetary gear 2-stage




Housing types and pinion design Bottom flange top flange

Parameters of Slewing Gear

How To Select a Complete planetary gearbox

Input Component Gear Reductions (co-axial stage 1-5 ,right angle 1-4 . ) Output Component Fittings
1: AC electric motor
2: NEMA or IEC motor
3: NEMA or IEC motor adapter flange
4: the Solid input shaft
5: Solid input shaft with the fan



6:Right angle reduction stage
7: Planetary reduction stage
8: Worm/planetary combination
9: Bevel helical planetary combination



10: Flanged output/ Footed output-Solid shaft
11: Flanged output/ Footed output-Male spline shaft
12: Flanged output/ Footed output- Female spline shaft
13: Flanged output/ Footed output-
14: Flanged output/ Footed output-Pinion
15: Shaft Mount output for shrink disc
16: Flange
17: Pinion gear
18: Sleeve coupling
19: Endplate
20: Splined bar
21: Shrink disc



Application of Slewing Gear

Potential applications

  • mobile crane
  • materials and service lifts
  • shipboard and deck cranes
  • shipyard and port cranes
  • container gantry
  • yaw and pitch drive of wind turbines
  • construction cranes and conveyors
  • loading and cargo handling cranes
  • rescue and rescue vehicles
  • offshore cranes
  • access platform


Other Types of Planetary Gearboxes

Gear Speed Reducer for Tracked Vehicle Gear Speed Reducer for Winch Planetary Gear Reducer for Wheeled Vehicle
Planetary Slewing Drive Gear Speed Reducer for Wind Turbines Inline Planetary Gear Reducer
Right Angle Gear Drives Power Wheel Planetary Gear Drive Feed Mixer Drive

Slewing Gear Manufacturer

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